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How To Solve Clogged Nozzle Problem With Epson Printer?

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If you are an Epson Printer user and your prints are not of good quality chances are there that there is clogged nozzles. This is a very common problem faced by many users.

First, you need to check the nozzles and also run cleaning cycles. Epson printer has an awesome feature of the cleaning cycle that cleans the nozzles in 1 or 2 cycles. Here’s how to do this:

Printhead cleaning cycles:

  • Before doing anything, ensure that your printer is not showing any sort of error.
  • Press the Home button and move to Setup. 
  • Go to the Maintenance option and then select Printhead Nozzle Check.
  • Select Printhead Nozzle Check. It will produce a page with 4 colored grid. If there are no gaps founds, select Done.
  • If there are gaps or some lines are faint then go to Clean the printhead and hit Continue button.

Caution: Don’t ever turn off your Epson Printer while doing this process. Doing so can harm your printer’s unit.

If there is no improvement in print quality seen after 2 to three cycles then let the printing machine to rest for several hours. The user shouldn’t use it for up to 6 hours. After this, repeat the process and check if something improves. It may require 7-8 times to repeat the same task. However, it will use a lot of ink. Contact Epson Printer Customer Care Australia @ 1800-431-452 for more help and proper guidance. If the machine is no more under warranty then do the cleaning manually by taking help from the experts.

Cleaning the printhead manually requires a lot of hard work and it may be challenging for you. Therefore, avail the help from the experts before troubleshooting on its own. Clean the sponges in the distilled water and also clean the print head with a paper towel. Check the outcome after doing this.


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