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How to Install and Setup Epson Printer and Update its Drivers?

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Purchased a new Epson printer? Then it’s time to install and set up this machine on your system. Setting up a Epson is not a difficult task. The company provides an installation CD with the machine through which you can easily setup it. Also, update the drivers to get better performance of the printer.

So to perform these tasks, here Epson Printer Support has provided step-by-step guidelines. Follow these below mentioned guidelines appropriately.

  • Set up your machine

Open the box and take out your device from the box and connect the tray, add paper, cartridges and follow the basic instructions in the manual that you have got with the box.

  • Connect your machine

Now you have to connect your printer to a power cord and then turn it on. Now allow your printing machine to get ready and then connect it with your system with a USB cable or a wireless network. You can make use of any one medium of your choice.

  • Place the installation disc

In many cases, your system will automatically detect your print device after connecting it to your system and look for a related driver or software in its repository and then install it. If it did not automatically install it on your system then you can make use of installation CD that came along in the box.

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  • Run the installation window

Now run the installation program and go through the terms carefully and then proceed with the . The instructions in the installation window are self-explanatory and you can execute it smoothly. In case if you are not able to do so then use the standard setting and install the machine.

  • Register your print device

After installing the printer’s software on your system, go to the official website and register your product. It will help you in ensuring the warranty and also you will get the best after-sales support services from the company.

Now your printing device is all set to access. You can print a test page to check its working. In case, if you are not able to execute any of the above steps then call us at our Epson Printer Customer Support Australia @ 1800-431-452 and get complete assistance from our experts.

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