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How to Fix Epson Printer ‘Not Printing Black’ Issue?

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Sometimes, unexpectedly users get faded sheets from their Epson printer in between their work which creates a big problem for them. There are many reasons which cause this problem. Some of them are described below:

  • Improper replaced of the print head can be one of the major causes.
  • Use of incompatible cartridge in place of the original cartridge.
  • Blocked nozzles can also be the reason behind ‘not printing black’ issue.
  • A limited quantity of ink in the ink slot.

If you are also dealing with the same problem then not to worry as here, our Epson support has come up with easiest yet effective methods in order to resolve this problem on your printing machine.

Epson Printer Customer Support Australia

Just go through the below given methods appropriately:

  • Method1: Firstly, turn off your print device by disconnecting it from the power cord. Also, unplug the cables from your system. Then wait for a minute and then reconnect your printing machine. Then print a test page to check if your machine is running properly or not. If not, then move onto the next method.
  • Method 2: Now check the ink of your device. In case, if the ink quantity is low then you need to replace the low quantity one with the filled one. You have to perform it carefully. You need to place the cartridge in their place only as a mistake in the placement can act as an obstruction. As result, you will face the same issue.

In case, the cartridges have got clogged then use a pin to do a cleanup.

  • Method3: If the printheads are not defected then there might be a problem with the printer driver. So update the driver, if required.

If you are still not able to resolve the error, then you can take the help of a technician by calling us at our Epson Printer Customer Service Australia @ 1800-431-452 and get the issue terminated in a jiffy.

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